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Be Stylish and Vintage with I Love Lucy Checks

Although many of its viewers were not alive during its original run, “I Love Lucy” continues to be a television favorite. The show still has fans worldwide that collect memorabilia and watch the reruns faithfully. You can even order “I Love Lucy” personal bank checks.

When it comes to showing off your unique style, there is really no better way when it comes to your finances than carrying personal checks with stylish images. If you’re a Lucy fan, then the checks really can be a must-have. So why do so many people still enjoy watching “I Love Lucy?”

“I Love Lucy” is a situational television comedy that originally ran from 1951 until 1957 on CBS. During its span on television, it won four Emmys as well as several nominations. It has the distinction as being the first television show whose main character was a woman.

The show focused on life in the 1950’s, which, of course, is when it first came out. Hilarious antics centered on Lucille Ball, a housewife, who always seemed to be finding herself in scrapes. The writing on the show was witty and Lucy was charming.

Although “I Love Lucy” was not the first show to have a pregnant star, much was made about the fact that Lucille’s real life pregnancy was written into the show. As a matter of fact, filming coincided with her real birth so that more publicity would be gained.

It was Lucy’s personality, and her husband Desi’s patience, that endeared her to the audience. She had a sincerity and innocence that made her not only likable, but made you want to root for her as well. She was mischievous in a way that was not harmful, and most of her antics were entertaining.

Lucy and Desi also had best friends, Ethel and Fred, also appear in most of the episodes. Ethel was Lucy’s partner in crime and hilarious incidents with Lucy often ensued, even though Ethel was generally the more level-headed one of the two.

In 2007, “I Love Lucy” was voted as one of the best television shows of all time by Time magazine. Likewise, in 2002 it was listed as one of the most popular shows behind Seinfield.

Today, “I Love Lucy” is watched as reruns all over the world. It has been translated into foreign languages as well. Lucy’s appeal is undoubtedly universal.

If you choose to order I Love Lucy checks, you will be sure to find her signature red curly hair in the images. You can also find checkbook covers and labels to match the checks as well.

In the past, ordering personalized bank checks at the local bank could sometimes be expensive. If you shop around online, you will find that ordering I Love Lucy personal checks from the Internet can save you up to 50%. The turnaround time is fairly quick too. It generally takes about the same amount of time, 2-3 days, that it would take your bank to deliver the checks to you.

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